Uh-oh! After browsing the quotes from your favorite book, you discover that all the letters have been jumbled up and replaced with random other letters! Your mission is to reconstruct the text of all 100 of your quotes using only your knowledge of the English language.


  • Use the arrow keys to navigate the letters on the board.
  • Hold X and use the arrow keys to fill in a guess for a letter. You are not penalized for wrong guesses.
  • Press Z to erase a guess for a letter.


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I think you gave me a new favourite type of puzzle. Thanks for making me feel smart!

Small feature request though: Could you add an option to disable the text bobbing continuously? For some reason it's making me slightly dizzy.


Alright, I can simply make the text static if you want.


OMG the Bill Wurtz music is really getting me good.